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Shivamogga's population has grown significantly in recent years. The city's size has grown in lockstep with its population. The rapid increase in urban population is primarily due to people migrating from rural areas, villages, and other cities to larger cities in quest of better job opportunities and a greater quality of life. As a result of this pressure, cities have grown out of control to accommodate these people, resulting in sprawl, which is a severe problem that must be addressed. The main purpose of this research is to better understand Shivamogga's landuse and landcover, as well as the changes that have occurred over the last three decades. LANDSAT images from 1993, 2003, and 2013-2021 were used to assess the evolution of the city's urban area and how it has changed over time, which has a significant impact on future expansion and can result in a slew of issues if growth is uncontrolled. The satellite pictures are analysed using the ERDAS and ARC GIS software platform.





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