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In Recent Scenario, scarcity of energy source, ever growing Power demand, increasing in generation cost necessitate optimal economic dispatch. This paper includes Biogeography Algorithm to compute Economic Load Dispatch Problem for Thermal generator of power system. Biogeography Describes how the species arise, migrates from one habitat another and gets wipes out.In BGA model, problem solutions are represents as islands and sharing of features between solution is represented as immigration and emigration which searches for the global optimum mainly through two steps :migration and mutation. BGA has features in common with other biology-based optimization methods, such as GAs and particle swarm optimization (PSO). This makes BGA applicable to many of the same types of problems that GAs and PSO are used for, namely, high-dimension problems with multiple local optimal. To show the advantages of the proposed algorithm, it has been applied to two different test systems for solving ELD problems. First, a 3-generators system then a 6 generators system with simple quadratic cost function considering operating limit constraints is considered.





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