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This paper describes the fusion of Lean and Six Sigma is required to achieve the fastest rate of improvement in quality, cost, delivery and process speed. By combining Lean and Six Sigma it is possible to achieve highly effective improvements in a company’s operations. Six Sigma doesn’t focus on speed. And, Lean cannot bring a process under statistical control. Lean Six Sigma efforts tend to be aligned by organizational functions rather than supply chains. This can result in departmental improvements, but fall short in achieving end to end supply chain improvements. Supply chain management (SCM) is a major issue in many industries as organizations begin to appreciate the criticality of creating an integrated relationship with their suppliers and customers, as well as all other stakeholders. It is concerned with smoothness, economically driven operations and maximizing value for the end customer through quality delivery. Hence, research is undertaken to integrate lean Six Sigma and SCM that will focus on how their integration drives rapid focused product and process improvements which result in controlled, sustainable, and validated improvements to the bottom line.





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