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Our project is a novel approach in designing an automatic cradle swinging system for assisting infant care. This equipment can be mainly used in the hospitals to provide an aid to the nurse in taking care of the infant or at home to monitor the baby while the parent is at work and the baby is under the care of baby sitters. It has a cry analyzing system which detects the babies cry pitch and accordingly the cradle rocks. At the maximum it could have six rocks per minute. If the baby doesn’t stop crying within a particular instant of time a call or a message will be delivered to the nurse or to the parent’s mobile number via GSM , thus intimating them that the baby has to be taken care of. In addition to this it has a wet sensor, temperature sensor and a respiration sensor. If the baby wets an alarm or a display will be intimating in the case of wet sensor and for temperature sensor, if the baby’s temperature rises above the normal body temperature then an alarm and a display message would intimate that the baby has to be taken care of. We use respiration sensor here to detect the apnea condition and to wake up the baby by giving a vibration.



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