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Asignificantshare i.e.60% of thetotal powerlossin amodernautomotiveengineinform of heat, either fromtheenginesurfaceortheexhaustpipe,ofwhichthefrictionlossesmayvaryfrom18%to20%andfrictionallossesarealsoresponsibleforabout25%ofthefuelconsumption.Itisnotedthatalmost80%ofthefrictionallossesareduetothefrictionallossesinthepistonringassembly(PRA). That leaves lessthanonequarter ofthe indicated powerintermsofbrake power.Thispaper analysesdifferentmethodsdeveloped by theautomobileindustriesin order to reduce the friction powerlossesit maybe in formof the developmentofbetterlubricants,designandpartiallasersurfacetexturing(LST)ofthepistonrings.



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