Undergraduate Academic Research Journal

Aims & Scope

This journal provides a platform to the undergraduates to publish their own work and showcase their talents in any academic subject. Research, reviews, photos and art can be featured side-by-side as a testament to the scholarly power of undergraduate students.

Our mission is to print outstanding undergraduate research, scholarly articles, Hackathon Projects, Student projects and creative works to make them available to the public and connect the worldwide community of college undergraduates. Our flagship product Undergraduate Academic Research Journal (URJA) is open to students internationally.

As a part of our service, we are able to focus on meeting the needs of authors and addressing individual issues, and we aim to make significant contributions to undergraduate and post-graduate communities. Our peer-review process involves engaging specialists to read and comment on the submissions in order to validate the quality of the work. URJA also works alongside professionals, and faculty members, to train students for case writing, research report writing and preparing for student hackthon.