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Creation Date

Spring 9-1-2020


PROFILE OF THE BUSINESS: Al Zaffran is a cloud based home kitchen, started in the midst of a global pandemic, striving to provide the best cuisines, flavors and ingredients at competing prices. The family operated enterprise functions in Bhubaneswar but they also receive orders from Cuttack due to its rapid popularity in this region. The inception of the idea to start a venture in food service was mainly propagated due to the colossal demand for palatable cuisine, the markets propensity to consume and competitors not being able to plate quality cuisines. Another factor that determined the growth home kitchens is the acuity of hygiene. The business is owned by Bibhudutt Patel and his children, the kitchen comprises of 2 main chefs and 4 additional under chefs, who all work under the guidance of Mr. Patel.

UNIQUENESS OF BUSINESS: The business operates from the owner’s home meaning, there can be limitation on the contact of food preparation and delivery keeping a check on all the safety standards set by the WHO. This also helps keeping the overhead charges really low, increasing the profit margins. Every dish is prepared specific to each order giving the chefs the liberty to tweak recipes to the preference of each customer. Each dish is crafted meticulously to balance the authenticity of the dish and proclivity of the local’s taste buds. Each ingredient is of the highest quality to justify legitimacy of rare cuisines. Al-Zaffran is also the first to introduce Middle Eastern cuisine in Bhubaneswar. Items in the menu are constantly reworked and designed to constantly bring new dishes, keeping the customers engaged. The company aims to achieve realistic and achievable goals (mainly S.M.A.R.T goals) focusing on maximum recall of customers, its Specific Goal is to provide high quality food at convenient prices. Measurable goals include reaching break-even point in the first month ofsale and having a minimum recall of customers at least twice a week. The above mentioned goals have been successfully attained, justifying the setting of Achievable goals. Relevant Goals include philanthropic work by providing relief and food to stranded migrant workers in various regions of Odisha, in a midscale NGO mission; Project Raahat. Al-Zaffran’s current Time bound goals include opening its first take away centre in the central hub of Bhubaneswar in the next 35 days. Currently they have an average of 70 customers per day who are regulars. The company has managed to shift the wheels of paradigm that clocked the decisions of costumers to prefer what was available to what they may prefer. Earlier, these choices weren’t a factor to consider since the targeted market didn’t have access to such standards. These factors include standardization at current scale of the company, portion sizes, price, and hygiene. Al-Zaffran has an edge over other delivery kitchens, by it being a cloud based kitchen. Difference being, that a cloud kitchen is equipped to cater to the needs of multiple cuisines and outlets, and usually operates for more than one brand or fast-food chain from the same kitchen, here another brand (Sweet hut) operates as a specialty dessert and bakery. The benefits of having a cloud kitchen include a flexible menu that changes according to market trends, and savings on infrastructure cost. A cloud kitchen also reduces time of delivery and food preparation, especially for Indian cuisines that require time to cook. A standard delivery kitchen is usually understaffed, ill-equipped and inexperienced multiple cuisines.

MOTIVATION/INSPIRATION OF BUSINESS: As mentioned before the business started from an entrepreneurship venture, to provide essential food services to the ones in need during the untimely lockdown, along with partnership of various NGOs. The company quickly evolved to understand the need on a larger scale. The members and owner are purely driven by the passion to provide great food, cooked with the same care as one would at home. Mr. Patel is a passionate cook, with great people management skills. The balance to the passion is evenly counted by the ingenuity in market understanding, and business ethics and maintaining progressive positive feedback and customer satisfaction. Al-Zaffran also has a team that plays a pivotal role from behind the curtains, its family members. All are planning like clockwork to streamline food production and financial management. All this while being energy conscious and maintaining minimal carbon footprint. The home kitchen has a clear foresight into future prospects, including a cloud kitchen extension exclusively for takeaway in a prime location in the heart of the city. Despite the decline in small scale businesses and cafes during the lockdown, Al-Zaffran has proven that a strong will, dedication and determination can withstand the waves of tribulation.


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