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The conference was inaugurated at 9.30 AM in Hotel Presidency. The dignitaries presented over seminar are Shri Santosh Kumar Soni who gave a remarkable presentation on biometrics as a new dimension of research, He is the chief investigator as well as architect for Bhartiya AFIS & currently he is working on Adhaaar Authentication model. The session chair for the conference is Rachita Mishra, the Head of the department from C.V Raman College. The technical session started with Mr K N Prakash who gave his presentation on colour local binary patterns for CBIR, followed by him Mr K R J Srikantha discussed his ideas on passport photo Image Authentication using watermarking. Mr. Ebrahim Aghajari, a Iranian Scholar delivered flawless talk on FCM & BPN for Image Segmentation. Miss Padma Shri , a Indian scholar presented her ideas on VLSI design for Algorithim based on secure still digital camera watermarking image. Finally Mr. Soni discussed a very new facet on Stardised Biometric Templates in Indian Scenario – Interoprobability Issues & solutions At the end the valedictory session was conducted where the participants were distributed with the certificates. All delegates were also went for a Bhubaneswar Sight Seeing.

Publication Date

Winter 10-29-2011


Bhubaneswar, India

Highlights of International Conference on Image Processing and Vision Systems Bhubaneswar, India. Date: 29 October, 2011



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