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Hanyang University Creative Convergence Education Center (Science Philosophy Education Committee) Professor.


Dr. Kim Seong-hee is a professor at Hanyang University Creative Convergence Education Center (Science Philosophy Education Committee) in Korea. In 2018, she received a doctorate (Education/Curriculum) from Korea University in Korea for 'Research on the Development of Curriculum Standards for Liberal Arts Science and Technology Philosophy'.She studied Philosophy as an undergraduate and majored in Anglo-American Analytical Philosophy and Developmental Psychology in her Master's program.She is researching education, curriculum, ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) curriculum design that can be used in universities, metaverse and artificial intelligence ethics, and popularization of science culture.She studied science communication curriculum for the development of K-MooC and the expansion of science culture at Korea University's Institute of Science and Technology.

She also participated in research on Korea's smart city/smart education as an advisory group, introduced edu-tech to smart education, developed games to bridge the educational gap, and participated in research on spatial innovation.And she is also active as an advisory professor for environmental education books at the publishing house of 'Andre's Sea'.In addition, she is interested in research using gamification for the elderly, and is also interested in convergence education with the industry for social problems due to population decline in Korea and population decline in local cities.She is currently an honorary citizen of Nonsan City and a member of the Nonsan City Youth Policy Committee(Nonsan, South Korea is a UNESCO Learning City). In addition, she is currently serving as a Director of the Korea Game Society, the Korea After-School Society, and the Korea Mind Education Convergence Society.


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