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Vice president,
TK Engineering, Sofia


Dr. Kountcheva has completed her M.Sc. in Computer Science in 1973 from Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria and Ph.D. in 1977;she joined as a Senior Researcher TIE in 1992. Presently, Dr.Kountcheva is working as the Vice president of TK Engineering, Sofia. Her main scientific interests: Image processing, Image compression and digital watermarking, Image tensor representation, CNCs, Programmable controllers. Her total number of publicationsincludes176 (30 Journal papers, 18 Book chapters). She has delivered plenary speeches at international scientific conferences and scientific events: 15. Also Dr.Kountcheva has handled about 45 scientific research projects (PI and Co-PI). Again she has filed 5 Patents(2 USA and 3 EU). She has been a member of Bulgarian Association for Pattern Recognition (member of IAPR), member of International Research Institute for Economics and Management(IRIEM), member of Institute of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (IDSAI). She is also an honorary Member of the Honorable Editorial Board of the nonprofit peer reviewed open access IJBST Journal Group


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