IRNet China Vice President: Silai Zhou

IRNet China International Academic Communication Centre has been engaged with organising conferences, and symposium for the researchers for the Chinese scholars since its beginning. IRNet China has arranges more than 50 conferences over last 5 years and invited more than 100 scholars worldwide.

IRNet alway welcome foreign scholars to the conferences and symposium organised in various cities of Main land China and Hong Kong.

Chapter President

Silai Zhou, the founder of IRnet International Academic Communication Center (IRNet China), a special delegate of Interscience Research Network (IRNet), initiator of IRNet China conferences series, he is the chair member of International Conference on Intelligent, Interactive Systems and Applications (IISA), International Conference on Intelligent Computing, Communication & Devices (ICCD), International Congress of Information and Communication Technology (ICICT), International Conference on Mechatronics and Intelligent Robotics (ICMIR), International Conference on Data Science and Business Analytics (ICDSBA), etc. Also, he is the owner of the Hualianpabo conference service system.

Chapter Vice-President

Dr. Xiaodong Li is the associate professor in Huaihua University, China. External director of Huaihua Sports Industry Group Co., Ltd. He is the Partner of Beijing Yuantianlinhui Intellectual Property Law Firm and Chief expert of Beijing Representative Office of Japan Sonoda & Kobayashi Intellectual Property Law.

He is the associate editor of International Journal of pharmacy and pharmaceutical technology and Under graduate academic research journal. At the same time, he served as a peer reviewer of Smart Agriculture (Chinese and English), Frontiers in Psychology and International Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Information Systems. Dr Li has more than 20 years of enterprise management experience. Over the years, He has published more than 30 papers in core journals in China and abroad, and participated in many international academic conferences and presented keynote reports. He presided over and participated in more than 10 projects at all levels. He has obtained two invention patents, written two textbooks, and participated in editing many textbooks. His students' innovation and entrepreneurship project under his instruction and guidance was approved by the national level.

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