Interscience Management Review


With the onset of COVID-19, there was a drastic change in the household income. The entire economy came to a standstill. The global pandemic was hammering and shutting down businesses. The layoffs, resultant business shutdowns impacted badly the household sectors. The significant role of housewives cannot be ignored at this crucial time. It is these warriors who shun their boundaries to facilitate help to the people in their surroundings, to empathize with their neighbor, family members. This bunch of fiery women, who otherwise lagged behind the four walls of their houses, set out their business, believed in themselves, in their grits and guts and proved themselves in different ways. Initially started as a home grown tiffin service, in order to help the surroundings, to nurture the dear one during COVID, these services ushered flawlessly into home grown businesses. The paper aims to highlight the much neglected management skills of housewives, who worked relentlessly and effortlessly to maintain the bread and butter of their house intact. The research was conducted with a case study approach. For data In-depth interview was conducted. The result showed that management skills such as interpersonal skills, decision making skills, problem solving ability, team building, resilience, leadership skill helped the housewives to confront difficult situations both in home front and in their surroundings.





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