Interscience Management Review


One of the main forces behind global health campaigns is quality improvement, and this is especially true in acute care settings like emergency departments, where making quick, life-saving judgments is of utmost importance. The majority of researchers in Ghana have focused mostly on secondary and tertiary hospitals in Ghana, paying less attention to basic healthcare settings, which are the main entrance points for the majority of emergency situations. The purpose of this study was to investigate how patients perceived receiving high-quality care in private hospitals in Ghana's emergency rooms. A sample of 160 patients was used to explore perception on quality care delivery at the Emergency Department (ED) of private hospitals in Ghana.The findings showed that patients thought doctors had adequate knowledge in their field based on their ability to assess, prescribe appropriate medications, and request diagnostic investigations that are pertinent to the working diagnosis, even though they thought the physical care and information flow at the ED was subpar. The study suggests using a digital compliant management system that enables patients to express their issues in real time, along with a high degree of responsiveness. Future studies may also investigate the perceptions of particular patient populations to discover requirements unique to them, thus enhancing the patient-centered approach to care, taking into account that the study examined the viewpoints of a variety of patient demographics.




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