Interscience Management Review


Scientific and accurate assessment of the comprehensive benefits and regional differences of state-owned mixed-owned enterprises is an important link in promoting the steady progress of mixed-ownership reform of state-owned enterprises and achieving high-quality development of the state-owned economy. Using factor analysis method and GA-BP neural network model to evaluate the comprehensive benefits of listed state-owned mixed enterprises, the results show that, first, the main factors

affecting the comprehensive benefits of state-owned mixed enterprises are profitability factor, sustainability factor and solvency factor, and the effect is as follows: profitability factor>sustainability factor>solvency factor; second, factor analysis effectively improves the evaluation performance of the GA-BP neural network model. Further analysis of regional differences, it is found that the average comprehensive benefit of regional state-owned mixed enterprises is: eastern region > central region > western region. Among them, the profitability factor and solvency factor are as follows: eastern region>central region>western region, and the size of sustainability factor is: eastern region>western region>central region. Therefore, we can start from deepening the classification reform of state-owned enterprises, increasing investment in innovation, reducing financial leverage, and improving regional linkages, so as to improve the profitability, solvency and sustainability of enterprises, narrow regional differences, and achieve coordinated development between regions.





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