Interscience Management Review


In our civic life, the social identity of women largely depends on gendered structuring and cultural underpinnings. The cruel reality is gender discrimination is still a pervasive concern for organizations, societies and nations. The quest for gender equality has become a global concern and an awakening field for policymakers. In this work, the authors have tried to identify the principal factors of gender discrimination in educational institutions in Odisha. The primary responses were collected through an online as well as a physical questionnaire from 193 respondents who participated in the study. The respondents are faculties of educational institutions offering professional and technical courses. The responses collected were subjected to exploratory factor analysis (EFA) and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA). The results revealed that the five principal factors such as ‘Decision Making’, ‘Career Management’, ‘Workplace Rights’, ‘Pay & Benefits’ and ‘Leadership’ were validated in the context of educational institutions. This work is a novel approach to factors affecting gender discrimination in educational institutions.





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