Interscience Management Review


The Tourism Sector is the major sector provides major employment to the Skilled, UnSkilled and SemiSkilled youth in India. Tourism sector also contributes to the GDP. There are many forms of Tourism. Tourism is critical in cultivating cross Cultural image among the people and as a result, the country's Socio-economic growth. The Major service Sector in India is travel and tourism. Heritage, cultural, medical, business and sports are all segments provided by this industry. Leisure tourism is tourism for reasons other than business, such as visiting another location for the purpose of entertainment or another profit.

The major Objectives of the research paper is to collect, Identify the classification of tourism and to examine the relationship between tourism and environment and also to find the positive impacts of tourism on environment.

The data collected from the different secondary sources, reputed Journals, Text books, government reports, magazines, tourism department annual reports etc., Leisure tourism provides employment to the youth directly or indirectly, it generates revenue to the Government and private sectors. It leads to environmental Sustainable protection and Preservation.




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