Interscience Management Review


In present days there is a lot of development in rural areas in form of Infrastructures, sanitary, Education, health and financial service like banking services. Due to development schemes, introduced by Government of India and other financial institutions helps to improve Financial Inclusion in rural areas. Financial inclusion helps the rural population to adopt innovate financial services in Banking and insurance sectors. As in this research “The “Study on Awareness of Rural Population towards Financial services” is conducted in rural areas to analyse the awareness about financial services, Factors influencing rural population, Issues encountered in receiving financial services(Banking), satisfaction of rural customers towards financial services. It is conducted by collecting quantitative data from rural population. Data is completely related to financial services of banking sector. Data is collected for research in both methods i.e.: primary data and secondary data. Samples are collected from Population through Primary data. Primary data is collected from samples of population in the form of well- structured Questionnaire. Secondary Data is collected from Reference Books, Articles, Published research papers, etc. Sample is collected by using Random sampling method. Sample size is of 50 members which are selected from rural villagers. Analysis and interpretation of data collected is done with the help of Tables & Pie Diagrams. Statistical methods and techniques like Percentage, etc are used to analyse the data.




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