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Refined edible oils or vegetable oils are manmade oils in which many harmful Petrochemicals are used for refining purposes. Refined oils are not heated stable they degrade to harmful toxic byproducts on heating them for a long time (ex: deep-frying). Most of the plant-based vegetable oils or actually seed oils are high in unsaturated fats and when they are heated up to their smoking point, they tend to oxidize, and generate free radicals, and also change the chemical composition of the oil, and at this stage, it becomes more harmful to our health when we consume it or even inhale its fumes. When we heat certain fats, oils, and fatty meats at very high temperatures like deep frying or barbecuing and stir-frying on very hot surfaces, Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons( PAHS) may be formed which are extremely carcinogenic. Advanced glycated end products (AGES) are also formed when foods are fried till they become brown in color. These chemicals (PAHS and AGES) are related to enhanced risk of diseases such as Alzheimer's, stroke, cancer, cataracts & heart disease. Most of the vegetable oils are high in Omega6 fatty acids to Omega3 fatty acid content which is a great concern in terms of causation of insulin resistance hyperlipidemia, obesity& cardiovascular diseases. From various studies on refined oil consumers and from various published articles in various journals, reaffirms that sunflower oil is far inferior in reducing Lifestyle diseases like coronary artery disease, based on its poor ability to provide a positive role in improving body mass index. It is proved from the studies that oils rich in Omega 6 fatty acids like sunflower oil increases body fat and may prove detrimental to heart health when compared with other animal fat and other traditional unrefined/cold-pressed cooking oils used in India.



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