Interscience Management Review


India is now in a situation where it has to accept the challenges from the international forum to improve its green infrastructure and attain its sustainable developments goals and climatic challenges like global warming, its huge population and huge green depletion. If the country has to survive it has to adopt Green finance. Green finance or climate finance is a component where it has to change it’s focus and behaviour from traditional form of financing to more environment friendly financing. It has to build a strategy through green finance to achieve its sustainable development goals. Indian and international financial agencies, corporates need to be encouraged to refocus on the aspect of green finance. There has been lot of promises and challenges in this front. This study is an effort to understand the situation where India stands and the go ahead as far as green finance and to manage its sustainable development goals. This study is of descriptive in nature and is based on secondary data derived from various international and national agency reports, which includes report from Government of India.




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