Interscience Management Review



The Covid-19 pandemic has made the

whole world standstill and urged

individuals to think and look every

perspective in a different way. The corona

virus pandemicaffected the economy from

losing jobs to falling in market

capitalization along with losing human life

and several other factors associated with

it. The pandemic situation have forced the

world stock market to crush and the speed

with which the market nosedived, it

shocked the entire world. In a situation

like this where every aspect of the society

is getting affected due to the pandemic, the

researcher should look upon on the

societal aspect for the benefit of the society

as well especially in this pandemic

situation. Due to the pandemic, there is a

liquidity crisis in the market and also

instability in the financial market and such

financial market disruptions will have a

negative impact on the investors’

perception while investing in the market.

Therefore, under this study, the

researchers have conducted an empirical

analysis of the changes in several NSE

indexes’ values in pre pandemic lockdown

period and thelockdown period by

applying One-Tailed Paired t-test for

means. The observations are quite clear

that the investors’ perception has turned

negative in this pandemic situation.

Several recommendations have also been

provided by the researchers to bring the

market back in track to normalcy and to

escort the confidence of investors. The

appropriate causes behind such

perceptional changes among the investors

along with future research scope have also

been identified by the researcher in this






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