Interscience Management Review


The main purpose of this study is to analyzing the financial performance and wealth maximization of acquiring companies and evaluates their financial and operating performance pre and post period of the merger. To conduct a constant research and arrive at an actual conclusion, we focus our research to only Indian Pharmaceutical companies. The idea of this article is to explore various views of Merger and Acquisitions related to the Indian Pharmaceutical sector in particular. To explain the impact of M&A on the companies of Sun Pharmaceuticals and Ranbaxy Laboratories Torrent Pharma and Elder Pharma has been taken into account as a case study of my study. With the help of profitability and solvency ratios like ROTA, ROCE, Net Profit Margin, and Debt- Equity Ratio, ROE, Gross Profit Margin It focus the financial condition of the concern during the pre and post merger period .This study also evaluates the independent Paired t-test by the help of SPSS for testing the statistical reliability of the firms and this test is used both for the ratio analysis and to understand the impact of Merger and Acquisitions. All these results are mainly based on the data collected from the company’s financial statements.



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