Interscience Management Review


International Festivals are common in all countries. However countries hosting international festivals are unaware of the expectations and behavior of travellers related to their food choice behavior before their visit. A study was conducted with specific reference to Rainforest World Music Festival (RWMF), Sarawak, Malaysia, to explore the food choice behavior of international travellers relating to neophobic behavior. The study followed interpretive research philosophy and exploratory study design with phenomenological interpretations, case studies and Delphi method. The research design integrated a longitudinal design during 2016 to 2017 period to develop a food choice consumer behavior model with triangulated tools and methods, identified causative factors related to consumer food choices. The study followed purposive sampling with a sample of 148travelers during the festival and data collection was done with the triangulated tools of indepth interviews, content analysis and observation following phenomenology method. The investigators came up with a thematic model in relation to food choice behavior of RWMF travelers, by extending theoretical and practical contributions.




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