Interscience Management Review


Today, an MBA has become a basic prerequisite for employment. Bright young students are lured by the glamour and opportunities offered by a management institutes. Indian MBA courses have been expanding and growing significantly in recent years. Everything under the present education is made to appear rosy by the vested interest politicians and a few educationists. The students and their parents get confused as it is reflected from the MBA vacant seats. The Mushroomed MBA colleges, excess supply, poor quality, under qualified faculty, small amount of salary, lesser work experience, lack of industry experience, lack of institutions rapport with industries, lack of basic skills among students, etc are main reasons for reducing quality of MBA education. As a result, the MBA graduates are not seeking the jobs as per their expectations. On this background, researcher feels that, it is necessary to study about the feelings of MBA aspirants, their managerial skill enhancement, the cost incurred by them and actual benefits derived. In this present study both primary and secondary data has been used to assess student’s present status. Student’s educational achievements, various skill development and job opportunities and difficulties in their placements if any etc. is focused in the present study.




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