Interscience Management Review


In this new era of economic growth, the exceptional increase in the crude oil prices is one of the significant developments that affect the global economy. Crude oil is an important raw material used for manufacturing sectors, so that increase in the price of oil is bound to warn the economy with inflationary inclination. The study examine the long-term relationships between CNX NIFTY FIFTY index of National Stock Exchange and crude price by using various econometric test. The surge in crude oil prices during recent years has generated a lot of interest in the relationship between oil price and equity markets. The study covers the period between 01.01.2010 and 31.12.2014 and was performed with data consisting of 1245 days. The empirical results show there was a cointegrated long-term relationship between CNX index and crude price. Granger causality results reveal that there is unidirectional causality exists and crude oil price causes NSE (CNX) but NSE (CNX) does not cause oil price.




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