Interscience Management Review


The purpose of this research was to survey the relation between entrepreneurship of teachers and leadership styles of high school managers in Shahrekord city. The method of research was descriptive correlation and statistical community included all of the high school mangers & teachers in Shahrekord city at 2012-2013, which are 755 persons. The statistical sample was calculated by Karjis & Morgan table (1970) at 255 persons. Statistical population including two different manager & teacher groups .In this study, two questionnaires of entrepreneurship questionnaire with 25 items with reliability and validity of questionnaire were calculated 0.75 & 0.85 by Kandal and Kronbakh alpha coefficients respectively; And leadership style was based on Boss (1985), multi factors questionnaire (M L Q). In order to inferential analysis of data, regression analysis and correlation coefficient were used. The results indicated, "r" at the p < 0.05 level was positive and showed significance correlation between entrepreneurship of teachers & leadership style of high school mangers in Shahrekord. Also, "r" at the p < 0.05 level indicated there are the positive & significance correlation between innovation , relations and self-awareness components of teachers and leadership style of high school managers in Shahrekord city.




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