Interscience Management Review


WORK CULTURE may be defined as the rules/regulations, policies, Practices, traditions/rituals and values/beliefs of the organisation. The business culture of India is a reflection of the various norms and standards followed by its people . In the United States, the work environment is professional and causal . Today’s companies have a world of opportunities. The challenge lies in accessing them. Technology has made it possible for companies to expand into international markets. The advent of globalization made business enterprises and employees to work across the borders of various countries, thus providing exposure to cross cultural working environment to both the organizations and employees. This eliminated the huge gap between the work culture of India and other countries to some extent. This paper is outcome of a review of Indian work culture and work culture in U.S.A. This paper examines some differences between Indian work environment and American work environment .There are differences in working hours, work- life balance, relationship between Boss and subordinates, performance appraisals, accepting changes etc. It raises challenges that are being faced by Indian offshore teams in working with Americans- language barrier, hierarchy in Indian organisations , indirect communication style, time orientation, hard work vis-à-vis smart work etc.





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