Interscience Management Review


In this context, prioritization, preference building and close monitoring ofmutual funds are essentials for fund managers to make this the strongest and mostpreferred instrument in Indian capital market for the coming years. With the decline inthe bank interest rates, frequent fluctuations in the secondary market and the inherentattitude of Indian small investors to avoid risk, it is important on the part of fundmanagers and mutual fund product designers to combine various elements of liquidity,return and security in making mutual fund products the best possible alternative for thesmall investors in Indian market. Researchers have attempted to study various need expectations of small investorsfrom different types of mutual funds available in Indian market and identify the riskreturn perception with the purchase of mutual funds(1). Various sophisticated multivariatetechniques are applied to identify important characteristics being considered by theIndian investors in the purchase decision, the paper also suggests a product design of anoptimum mutual fund and track the positioning gap available in Indian mutual fund market. SPSS version 17 is used for data analysis.




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