Interscience Management Review


Nature of AECI is a complex array of interdependent activities-best organized chaos introducing challenges not encountered in other industries. The work is often seasonal; Each project is unique; Often involves remote sites with various access problems; The process is not as predictable; There is difficulty in applying automation; There is high potential for encountering unforeseen conditions; Costs can vary according to conditions; There is difficult to manage and supply utilities and other resources; Technical innovations are adopted at slower pace; Success is dependent upon the quality of its people; AECI is very customoriented; Products can be of mind-boggling size, cost, and complexity; The work is not performed in controlled conditions, therefore highly impacted by weather and other environmental conditions. Over 100 Surveys, case studies and literature studies were done and it is found that the AECI faces several increasing & complicated construction and non-construction challenges, of all these few are new and rest centuries old. This extensive exploratory research was carried out to explore all the AECI challenges that affect AECI PDLC processes and this research suggests the remedial measures specifically to housing sector, addresses AECI challenges that help to improve productivity and efficiencies in the AECI processes.




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