Interscience Management Review


The present study was designed in order to examine which factors; personality (sense of efficacy and locus of control)v/s organization patterns(SBM non-SBM), could be better explain teachers 'attitudes toward innovations in education. Based on previous studies it was expected that a positive correlation would find between strong sense of efficacy and positive attitudes toward innovations and vice versa and a positive correlation between internal locus of control and attitudes toward innovations and vice versa. It is also expected that teachers in SBM would report more positive attitudes than teachers in non-SBM schools. The study consisted of 120 teachers from 20 elementary schools in Israel. The subject requested to complete a background questionnaire, attitudes towards educational innovations, the teacher efficacy scale (TES) and the teacher locus of control scale (TLC), and the perceived school management pattern. While hypotheses regarding the personality factors effect were supported, the hypothesis regarding the organizational effect was rejected.




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