Interscience Management Review


Organisational Communication, in today’s organizations has not only become far more complex and varied but has become an important factor for overall organizational functioning and success. The way the organization communicates with its employees is reflected in morale, motivation and performance of the employees. The objective of the present paper is to explore the interrelationship between communication and motivation and its overall impact on employee performance. The paper focuses on the fact that communication in the workplace can take many forms and has a lasting effect on employee motivation. If employees feel that communication from management is effective, it can lead to feelings of job satisfaction, commitment to the organisation and increased trust in the workplace. This study was conducted through a comprehensive review and critical analysis of the research and literature focused upon the objectives of the paper. It also enumerates the results of a study of organizational communication and motivational practices followed at a large manufacturing company, Vanaz Engineers Ltd., based at Pune, to support the hypothesis propounded in the paper.



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