Interscience Management Review


Making India to a global healthcare hub, it is not only about bringing new technology but also we have to take care of the existing technology. The healthcare hub is the leading factor for current economic growth of India. Human Factor Engineering (HFE) plays a vital role in this field. In medical or healthcare, the field is named as Medical Human Factor Engineering (MHFE). This paper discusses on how MHFE responsible for strengthen the Technology Management of Hospital, Hazards from device failure and use related, Human Factors consideration in medical device use and case study on (Infusion Pumps) errors committed by users in each clinical area. Now the challenging issue for HFE is to design a proper workspace to avoid human errors and the four workspace design principles of Sanders & McCormick (1993) is also discussed. This paper deals with the Computer-aided-design (CAD) systems and a failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) technique with Simple Organizational Structure of HFE in designing the workspace.




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