Interscience Management Review


This study applied the reformed service quality model developed by Parasuraman to measure the service quality level and the gaps between perceptions and expectations of a motor company located in a mining environment (Francistown). The data from the three part survey questionnaire was used to examine gaps between perceptions and expectations of the respondents. The findings from a sample of 140 customers show that the service quality level of vehicle repair service department (VRSD) did not fully meet the expectations of the customers of VRSD and gaps were observed in all five dimensions. Paired t-test used to test the significance of difference between out of warranty responses and under warranty responses for expectation and perceptions showed that there were no significant differences between the two groups of customers. Finally the correlation analysis confirmed the strength of the relationship between the service quality and the dimensions studied. Recommendations are made to bridge the gaps between perception and expectation of customers.




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