Interscience Management Review


The paper examines three issues relating to university education in Nigeria. The first is the provision of the National Policy on Education, enacted in 1977, which specifies 60:40 science/arts ratio in student admission and enrolment. The second is the student/teacher ratios recommended for the exiting universities by the National Universities Commission. The last is the issue of access to university education which has always attracted global attention. The paper assesses the extent to which the universities have achieved the science/arts ratio in student admission and enrolment. It compares the actual and there commended student/teacher ratios and points out that there is divergence between the two. The paper also argues that the demand for university education out-striped its supply and that geographical imbalance exists in the demand for university places. The paper then highlights the policy measures taken by government to address the issues raised, makes some recommendation and concludes that the problems confronting university education must be addressed.




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