Interscience Management Review


In any quality improvement program, measurement plays a vital role as it provides information for decision making. On the other hand, finding the dimensions of quality is a pre-requisite for the measurement process. Despite the diverse resources on the general dimensions of service quality, little work has been conducted on public services and in particular on higher education. It seems that during the past decades, globalization and quality assurance have developed into systematic characteristics of higher education. In spite of their simultaneous evolution, however, actual links between the two phenomena occurred only recently and establishing a comprehensive set of higher education service quality dimensions seems necessary in order to support such linkages.

In this paper, some of the existing sets of Service Quality Dimensions (SQDs), proposed for higher education services have been reviewed. The findings have also been compared and integrated with a general and comprehensive iist of SQDs, compiled during an investigation carried out at an international academic research center. The paper presents a new comprehensive set of SQDs for the higher education applications, at national and international levels.




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