Interscience Management Review


Teaching large classes (>100 students) is a challenge. This study explored various instructional methods to determine which were most effective for large classes and developed guidelines for engaging students in learning in skills courses. A quasi-experimental design study with a control and treatment groups was conducted. The treatment group participated in a teaching learning strategy, which was designed to stimulate engagement of students through active and collaborative learning. These activities were developed based on the anecdotal accounts in the literature and consisted of Written Ground Rules for the course and in-class activities. The data analysis indicated that the teaching strategies used with the treatment group made a difference in the area of student satisfaction, assessment, learning abilities, development and practical application of computer and information skills and use of online tools. The study validated the effectiveness of this instrumental method in large class. Findings from the student satisfaction element of the study are reported in this paper. The study findings indicate that student engagement and deep learning is achieved through an active and collaborative approach that requires the student to engage with the subject of study.




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