Interscience Management Review


For much of the working day most of us are unaware of how quickly the time goes by. We glance at our watches grown ‘that can not possibly be the time’ and when the day is over complain that we don’t know where on earth it actually went. This can happen irrespective of whether or not we happen to enjoy what we are doing. From management point of view time is the most valuable resource available to any manager. It does not matter what kind of job he does. It makes no difference whether he is a junior, middle or senior manager, he is responsible for managing himself and his time. Though most definitions of management state that ‘ it is getting things done through other people’, yet ‘effective manager’ in real sense of the term can not organise other people until he can organize himself. “Time is the scarcest resource, and unless it is managed, nothing else can be managed’ reasons Peter Drucker, the great management guru of our time. .In fact managing ourselves and our own responsibilities involves organising our time and what we use it for.




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