Interscience Management Review


The paper presents the Critical success factors for implementing the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) in a firm using the Data mining (DM). The use of the data mining in CRM is widely accepted by the firms. The success of proper implementation of CRM using Data mining in firms is mixed. This is due to the fact that investment involve in this implementation requires planning regarding the factors which need to be considered before going for the new innovative technology. These factors may vary from firm to firm but the general factor for effective implementation of the CRM using data mining is essential. This factor termed as Critical success factor (CSF) decides the failure or success of the implementation. The paper demonstrates the key factors which need to be considered before automating the process of searching the mountain of customer’s related data using Data mining to find patterns that are good predictors of behaviors of the customer which help achieve successful CRM. The paper gives an idea of how proper planning and effective management can lead to increased customer satisfaction and profit for the firms.



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