Interscience Management Review


In today’s era of global competition, the business organizations across the world are in search of sustainable competitive advantage. The competitive advantage may be reflected in offering superior products or services at lower cost. Cost-based and differentiation-based business strategies are prerequisite for growth and survival of business organizations in today’s turbulent, dynamic and complex business environment. Global competition is also characterized by increasing dynamics of innovation related to all the facets of the product life cycle. The ability to effect higher efficiency coupled with enhance quality of product or service, such Total Quality Management, allows one to better control the cost base whilst swimming in the stream of dynamic innovation. Owing to liberalization of the Indian economy, Indian industry is also experiencing an increasing pressure for improvement in quality of its products and services, for which it is adopting tools and techniques of quality improvement. In general, there has been an appreciable improvement in adoption of quality concepts in recent years in the Indian industries. The present study which is empirical in nature focuses on the study of quality management practices in Indian manufacturing organizations. This paper also attempts to study the relationship between main quality management practice dimensions and superior product quality outcomes.



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