Interscience Management Review


In the globally competitive environment, the organizations are forced to seek newer and faster solutions to remain competitive by removing the cost overrun and time overrun. In this backdrop, outsourcing has emerged to be a critical business strategy employed by many companies successfully for their long-term survival and growth. Growing number affirms outsource more of their professional services across geographic and temporal boundaries. India has emerged as an attractive destination to the global companies. Because of its competitive position, the country has gained a unique position in global IT outsourcing. However, one needs to examine the long-term ramifications of outsourcing on business and the society at large. This research paper presents a survey-based analysis of the current trend for private sector outsourcing needs and the competitive advantage for Indian IT corporate. The study finally attempts to evaluate the strategic move in the context of comparative advantages for cost savings, accessing to new skill sets, and access to cutting-edge technology.



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