International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


AI and IoT are changing our day-to-day lives in every aspect, including but not limited to banking, retail, and agriculture. Dreadful obstacles confronted by agrarian and food associations involve ecological deprivation and biodiversity deficit, enduring hardship, an increasing overweightness epidemic, nutrition uncertainty, and the use of ergonomics. However, managers and decision-makers frequently let down to admit how "awful" these matters are. Wicked difficulties want united act from the social order assemblies with profoundly apprehended, contrasting opinions and principles because their connectedness associations are stiff or incredible to detect, they cannot be expressed or resolved, deprived of detonating arguments amongst investors, and they cannot be resolved unaccompanied. All industries are directly or indirectly getting influenced by this modern technology. This research study aims to study the practical function of these technologies in the agri-food industry, which will be helpful in process models, stakeholder predictions, and correct environmental awareness to change the agri-business model. This research study findings highlight exciting issues and questions related to using AI in the agri-food industry towards the space economy to achieve a sustainable business model and better use of resources during the pandemic. Both hypothetical and administrative consequences are reviewed here.





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