International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


In recent times, organizations are examining the art training situation to improve the operation efficiency and the cost of warehouse retail distribution and supply chain management. Microsoft Azure emerges as an expressive technology that leads optimization by giving infrastructure, software, and platform resolutions for the whole warehouse retail distribution and supply chain management. Using Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing tool in retail warehouse distribution and supply manacle management contributes to active and monetary benefits. At the same time, potential limitations and risks should be considered by the retail warehouse distribution and the supply chain administration investors. In this research summary of the cloud figuring tool, both public and hybrid in supply chain administration and retail, warehouse distribution is addressed. A brief introduction to the use of Microsoft Azure technology is provided. This is followed by the application of cloud computing to warehouse retail distribution and supply chain management activities. At the same time, the negative and positive aspects of familiarizing this Microsoft Azure technology in the modern supply chain and retail distribution are debated. Also, the circumstance for the third-party logistics services suppliers has indicated respect for automation and cybersecurity solutions in a cloud environment. Lastly, the upcoming research practices and following technological trends are offered as the conclusion.





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