International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


Inter-carrier interference (ICI) emerges in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems used for mobile communication as a consequence of the Doppler Effect's loss of orthogonality among subcarriers. Inter-Carrier Interference (ICI), which affects every subcarrier, drastically lowers performance. The performance of OFDM systems may be enhanced using a variety of ICI mitigation strategies. Comparable subcarrier frequency offsets are guaranteed by the premise that the OFDM transmission bandwidth is suitably modest in the majority of ICI mitigation strategies, on the other hand. The frequency offsets between each subcarrier might change, hence a wideband OFDM system in a situation with high mobility is investigated. Furthermore, the suggested ICI cancellation approach, Total ICI Cancellation, does not reduce bandwidth efficiency or transmission rate. As an example, the Total ICI Cancellation approach uses the ICI matrix's orthogonality to provide perfect ICI cancellation and a significant boost in BER at a linearly increasing cost. The suggested technique, which matches the BER performance of a wideband OFDM system without ICI, offers the best BER performance possible in the presence of frequency offset and time shifts in the channel, according to simulation findings in the AWGN and multipath fading channels.





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