International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


Wireless Sensor Networks(WSNs) are an important component of today's ubiquitous and pervasive computing. Without WSNs, the applications aren't as clever as they could be. Almost every scenario involving WSNs necessitates a quick and precise localization process. Existing frameworks and algorithms, on the other hand suffer from a significant disadvantage when it comes to beacon node trust, which is a critical component in Wireless Sensor Network. For localization this has to be ensured.. This issue is addressed in our current solution. In the harsh environment of WSN operations, malicious nodes are inescapable. As a consequence, A technique has been proposed to find out the problem while simultaneously offering a safe trust based localization system. It focuses on the algorithm for assessing trust and the creation of blockchains. Every beacon node’s truth value(trust value) are determined using various trust criteria with the corresponding weights being dynamically changed during localization process. After that the most reliable beacon nodes are chosen for mining. This two-step process ensures that the blockchain is kept up to current, and that beacon nodes have consistent Tvalues(Trust values). We conducted a series of simulations to test the suggested algorithm’s performance and effectiveness. The accuracy of localization, harmful activity detection, the confusion matrixes are used to compare results.





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