International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


The current paper reports a hybrid approach namely “Hybrid Scheme based on Alternative Scalar Leader Election (HS-ASLE) for camera sensor actuation in multi-event occurrence scenario. In the proposed approach, the whole monitored zone gets segregated into multiple virtual sub-compartments and in each of the sub-compartments, one and three scalar leaders are elected alternatively that behave as the representatives of scalars to report event information. During the event occurrence, the event information gets trapped through the scalar leaders in lieu of scalars and the leaders convey the event occurrence information to the respective camera sensors. Pervasive experiment and observation have been ordained to mark the impact of varying the number of deployed scalar sensors and camera sensors individually on various performance parameters in multi-event occurrence ambience. Further, the numerical outcomes attained in terms of number of cameras actuated, coverage ratio, redundance ratio and energy expenditure for camera activation proclaim the effectiveness of our proposed HS-ASLE over the other two existing approaches in literature. Moreover, it is marked that our proposed approach attains maximal event region coverage with least camera activation, least redundant data transmission and lowest energy expenditure for camera sensor actuation as compared to two other approaches, which justify the precedence of our proposition over the other existing approaches.





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