International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


As a densely populated country with a large user base, the library and information centres (LICs) in India always suffer from a lack of internet speed. Indian LICs frequently employ open DNS resolvers to achieve high internet speeds. In the new normal, the cyberattacks on Indian educational institutions have skyrocketed, necessitating the development of a more secure and quicker DNS resolver. To meet this demand, the paper assesses Cloudflare's DNS resolver and demonstrates its suitability for Indian LICs. To examine the demand of Cloudflare’s DNS resolver in providing the most secure and fastest private network, the researchers use six Windows PCs connected with ten different networks with the same ISP provider and calculate the Internet speed Measurement Lab and the nPerf online free internet speed checker in Chrome browser (v. 96.0). The internet speed was manually collected before and after the configuration and further analysed to evaluate the increase/decrease percentage. The study findings reveal that after the configuration of set up, the internet speed of the chrome browser in the targeted PCs increased 36.33% for download and 73.88% for upload. And from the result, we can conclude that Indian LICs can rely on the DNS resolver to experience fast & secure private network connections. There are several studies that compare two or more DNS resolvers in terms of speed and security, but none of them specifically addresses their usability and benefits in LICs. Although the usage of DNS resolvers at the institutional level is not a new concept, there is still a lack of understanding among library professionals in India about the deployment criteria and benefits. As a result of this research, library professionals may be inspired to use DNS resolvers comprehensively to provide lightning-fast services to their users.





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