International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


as an emerging state-of-art technology, wearable systems have been applied to various real life situations and healthcare is one of such important areas. This study reports the implementation of a prototype Service Oriented Wearable System (SOWS). After detailed analysis of healthcare requirements, a system based on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), wearable devices and sensor networks is implemented to provide continuous remote monitoring, diagnosis, immediate response and treatment for the purpose of preventive healthcare. Technologies based on SOA and sensor networks can support cost effective ubiquitous access to healthcare services, real time service provisioning and processing of heterogeneous data for various wearable devices such as ECG, accelerometer, SpO2 and location sensors. Wearable devices collect and transmit bio signal data to a wearable computer through IEEE/Wi-Fi network. Bio signal data is then uploaded to a Health Server PC (HS-PC) for analysis and storage where it will be accessed by doctors, paramedics or any other authorized personnel.





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