International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


The demand towards broad band efficient antennas for base station and mobile wireless applications have increased dramatically over the last few years. Today there is a huge increase in the number of subscribers and demand for equipments that is capable of handling cost-effective network capacity solutions in Spectrum limited markets. Our Paper describes the design of dual polarized antenna element which can be implemented in a base station antenna array using IE3D Zeland Software. The Element is based on aperture

coupled architecture with stacked patch, maintaining the symmetry needed for dual polarization operation. Most of common antenna elements are linearly polarized with narrow band resonators. Our design has Broad-band and dual-polarized characteristics of traditional aperture coupled architecture. The Bandwidth for Return Loss > 10 dB of the element covers 1710-2170 MHz frequency spectrum. The Isolation between the ports corresponding to the two different polarizations is greater than 32 dB over the bandwidth





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