International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


The integration of wireless and optical networks increases the capacity and mobility as well as decreases costs in the access networks. However, there are nonlinearity and obstacles preventing them from being perfect media. A serious issue for WDM systems is the presence of resonant four wave mixing (FWM) terms, as a result of interactions between different channels. FWM presents a major source of non-linear cross talk since they often fall near or on top of the desired signals. So the best solution is to avoid the FWM generation from early design stages. The effect of four wave mixing (FWM) as one of the influential factors in the WDM for RoF has been studied here using Optisystem. The investigation of FWM effect with different number of channels at various channel spacing has also been done. The simulation results reveal that the less number of users at input cause less FWM but in today’s technology, it is important for the circuit to handle WDM.





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