International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


Adhoc networks have characteristics such as flexibility ,easy deployment,robustness which makes them an intersresting technology for various applications.Adhocnetworks are considered as the most promising terminal networks in future mobile communications.A novel Position based Opportunistic Routing protocol, in which several forwarding candidates cache the packet that has been received using MAC interception. If the best forwarder does not forward the packet in certain time slots, suboptimal candidates will take turn to forward the packet according to a locally formed order. In this way, all candidates receives the packet, the data transmission will not be interrupted. Potential multi-paths are exploited on the-fly on a per-packet basis. We propose minimization of data replica at forwarding candidates in Mobile Adhoc network routing.The forwarding candidates will be ranking ,based on the location variance of candidate within the time factor has given to it.





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