International Journal of Smart Sensor and Adhoc Network


Network security in today’s world is critical. System administrators must quickly perceive the security state of their networks, but they often have only text-based tools to work with. These tools often provide no overview that would help users grasp the big-picture.Network traffic visualization tools have successfully enabled security analysts to understand the nature of traffic present in a network. However these tools rely mainly on human expertise to discover anomalies in traffic and attack patterns.The visualization capability provided by Visualization tool allows an operator to assess the state of a large and complex network given an overall view of the entire network and filter/drill-down features with a friendly user interface that allows users to request more detailed information of interest such as specific protocol traffic flows.Visualization tool allows operators to detect and investigate anomalous internal and external network traffic. Visualization tool shows network events graphically. We model the network as a graph with hosts being nodes and traffic being flows on edges. We present a detailed description of Visualization tool functionality and demonstrate its application to traffic dynamics in order to monitor, discover, and investigate security-relevant events.





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